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Below you'll find our in-house tutors. If you're looking to learn a new instrument, progress further or learn a new style, have a read and see what our tutors can offer you.

If you're a tutor yourself and would like to use one of our teaching spaces and feature on our website, we're currently expanding our roster of teachers here at Music APE.

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  • Pete Warner


    My name's Pete, and I've been playing drums since 2002, in bands of genres from rock, hip hop, funk, punk rock, Latin, afrobeat, rhythm and blues.. pretty much you name it, I've been on a gig playing it! I've recorded in some gorgeous studios, recording and gigging with bands full time, and as a session drummer, dep, and percussionist. With a load of different bands playing different styles and sounds, I first decided to accept the offer of being someone’s teacher in 2010.

    Whether new to drums and keen to have a go, experienced in the field of percussion and wanting to improve technique or versatility, working on a certain technique, or just wanting to have fun, I can help you get involved now. We can work on reading music, music theory, limb independence, and creative expression. This can be done over a long course of lessons, or with just a few. Beginners, let's get you moving. Intermediate players, let's look at what you need to work on. Don't be shy about just booking a one-off lesson and giving it a go!

  • Dmitrij Silov


    Hi, I'm Dmitrij and i'm passionate drummer and musician. I've been playing drums for almost 20 years since i was 6 years old. Around 6 years i spent as a session drummer, performing with many bands on festivals, local venues and tours in all sorts of styles from soft rock to metal, from country, folk to fusion jazz and funk. And only a year ago i discovered my new passion - teaching!

    It's well known that rhythm is the driving force, an engine that propels a music forward. I am passionate about helping people develop their skills to experience the joy music has brought to me. We can either do school drum grades and get the hang of a variety of drumming styles, or we can work in your preferred style. Also i can play guitar, and as a big fan of playing in a band i'm more than happy to grab my guitar and play along with you providing that band experience.